Waste Bins And What Should Go In Them

Rubbish removal Northern Beaches Sydney come to your property, remove your rubbish and dispose it at an eco-friendly landfill. Different colors of waste bins exist to make recycling easy. Three colors of bins exist: Blue, blown and green or gray. Each bin has its different role. Blue bins are meant to take recyclable waste, brown take kitchen and garden waste while green or gray bins are designed for non-recyclable waste. While the bins have been around for long, studies show that many people don’t know how to use them properly. To guide you, here are the different types of waste that you should put into each bin:

Blue bin

As mentioned, this bin is designed for recyclable waste. This waste includes: Papers, cardboards, plastic food trays, aerosols, metal food and drink cans, phone directories, yoghurt pots, children toys, mirrors, plastic wrap, light bulbs, food waste, shoes, and tetra Pak packaging.

Brown bins

The bins are designed for kitchen and garden waste. This waste includes: Cut flowers, meat and bones, vegetable peelings, plate scrapings, prunings, leaves, coffee grounds, teabags, egg shells, plastic bags of any kind, general refuse, nappies, soil, sacks of any kind, pet waste, shoes, liquids, nappies, plant pots and sanitary products.

Green or grey bins

Non-recyclable waste that you should place in these bins includes: Nappies, general refuse and pet waste, polystyrene, glassware such as mirrors and Pyrex, light bulbs, sanitary products, general refuse, household waste that can’t be recycled, cat or dog waste and nappies.

If you have items accepted in the green bins, but they are too large, you should place them beside the bin in open cardboard boxes or clear tied bags. You should note that although the grey bin is meant for the non-recyclable items, it doesn’t mean that you should put every non-recyclable items here. You shouldn’t put hazardous waste or liquids in it. You also shouldn’t put non-recyclable garden waste-put it in the brown bin.

Putting waste in the wrong bin

It’s common for people to put waste in the wrong bin. Some people do it accidentally while others do it intentionally. One of the effects of doing this is that you contaminate the recycling process. It also tends to increase the cost of waste disposal. Some states have come up with laws that prosecute people on the wrong side of law. This means that putting your waste in the wrong bin can see you serving a jail term.


This is what you need to know about waste bins and the right waste that you should put in them. For the bins to last for long you should buy them from reputable stores.

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