Washos, the Mobile Car Wash and Detailing App, Announces New Features and New Territories

LOS ANGELES, July 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — With 10,000+ bookings completed within the last 15 months, Washos has become the largest operator in the mobile car cleaning industry in Los Angeles and Orange County. In order to improve the customer’s online and on-site experience, Washos has made some new developments. The young startup (founded in January of 2015) stood out in this industry by combining high quality detailing at affordable prices with same-day availabilities. Now, Washos is able to send detailers to its service areas within 60 minutes instead of the previous three hours. If you’ve been searching all over the internet for best car wash products we have got you covered.

This shorter service time was made possible thanks to a major enhancement of its proprietary routing and dispatch system. Francois Pradel, one of the co-founders of Washos, developed and implemented a new algorithm in the scheduling system. The new system now allows the app and website to display real-time availabilities based on precise parameters such as customer location, package chosen, traffic and more.

“Our automated dispatch system allows us to kill multiple birds with one stone,” says Benjamin co-founder and VP of engineering at Washos. “Our customer experience is 10x better since we give a real-time transparency regarding our availabilities. Dispatching and routing was previously operated by a person who reached what was humanly possible. Now, thanks to our new automatic computing, from 100 to 1000 bookings a day, we won’t feel the difference and neither will our customers.”

This feature is not only an improvement for the consumers, but also for the detailers. Routing will be optimised in real-time which means more jobs, less driving time and fewer gaps in between each job they complete. “With 50+ detailers delivering up to 8 bookings per day, we needed a technical solution to optimise the planning and guarantee more comfort to our technicians,” states Kevin Guez, co-founder in charge of the operations at Washos.

Alongside this back-end improvement, Washos is announcing the launch of its first subscription plan. “With more and more returning customers, we wanted to give more control and reward the loyalty with cool and long-awaited features,” announces Bertrand Patriarca, co-founder and CEO of Washos. One of the features includes the ability of returning customers being able to curate their favorite detailers and request the same technician for each service.

“Our detailers are the cornerstone of our development,” Bertrand states. “It was obvious we needed to guarantee the consistency to our customers when they enjoyed their first wash with Washos.”

The company has been able to expand rapidly while maintaining 5-star service. With these new improvements, Washos expects to continue its growth in LA and Orange County while still maintaining the first class service it promises every customer. Washos is also preparing to expand to other cities such as San Diego: “Washos is a tech startup with a strong software backbone, but we know that we can only succeed with amazing detailers,” emphasises Bertrand. “In any city, we will apply the same method: strong background check, extensive training, reliability and satisfaction, guaranteed.”

With all these new features, Washos is setting up for a nationwide expansion while continuing to work closely with its networks. The ultimate goal is to always improve while maintaining its high-quality standard on every car wash and car detail provided.

About Washos, Inc.

Washos is a Los Angeles-based startup which delivers mobile car washes and detailing services to various areas in SoCal via an app and or website. Washos currently serves Los Angeles County and most areas in southern California. For more information, please visit www.washos.com.