How SEO optimised will you be in 2022?

If you’re an SEO in a digital agency, this is the question that you’d like the answer to. You want to know if SEO still works and how much of it will do. Google has been pushing its machine learning and AI hard over the past few years and now with RankBrain, which is Google’s third ranking factor, it’s clear that they have no plans to stop optimising their search engine for the best user experience. SEO consultants Melbourne don’t rely in automation they do manual optimization instead.

How much of your time will you be spending on SEO optimisation in 2022?

John Mueller from Google said that he expects a smaller amount of manual optimisation and a larger amount of machine learning and artificial intelligence. In his own words: “I think there are things we can do on our side as well to make sure that we can still show those results. So I don’t expect that to change dramatically.”

So what does this mean for SEOs in 2022? Will SEO even exist then? In my opinion, SEO will always exist because search engines understand how users search for information and how they want to see their results. If a website isn’t providing that, then it won’t rank well regardless of how many backlinks it has or what type of content it has.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is something that’s been talked about for the best part of two decades. But why? Because it works. It can generate significant traffic on your website and ultimately lead to more sales.

Trouble is, SEO keeps changing. What you do today might not be effective in two years’ time. So what should you do to guarantee that your SEO efforts will still pay off in 2022?

A good start point is to read our blog post from last year: How to up your SEO game in 2017 to really make an impact in 2018 and beyond . Then read on for another 5 tips that will help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to SEO in the future.

Have you ever thought about your SEO strategy in 2022? Are you still wondering if it’s worth the hassle? What if I told you that SEO might not be enough?

Trying to rank in Google is becoming more and more competitive. Google is trying to make their search results more relevant, and they are constantly testing new algorithms to achieve this.

What will happen to your website in 2022? Will Google even be the primary way people find websites?

SEO Optimisation will never go away, but we should realise that SEO is just a part of our digital strategy. We need to think about what we’re going to do when no one uses Google anymore or if our competitors start using other ways to promote their businesses online. Click here for a free website audit.