Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool Heaters

A solar swimming pool heating system is the most cost-efficient and effective way to heat your pool, as well as the most eco-friendly so there is no need for a swimming pool removal Sydney discussion. Solar pool heaters collect the sun’s rays and transfer them to heat, making your pool warm and inviting. Besides doing their part for the environment by saving energy, solar powered swimming pool heaters save money through the use of sunrays as an absolutely free energy source. And solar pool heating systems are easy to install. The downside with solar pool heating systems is of course that if the sun is not available or the heat from the sun isn’t strong enough, the swimming pool does not stay warm.

If you happen to have a home in an area where the sun will likely not produce an adequate amount of warmth for the pool year-round, you can benefit as much as possible from a solar pool heater by using one when possible and switching to an alternative pool heater when the heat generated by your solar heater isn’t enough to keep the pool comfortable.

A heat pump for your pool will still be eco-friendly since it consumes less energy than a natural gas heater. Easy to put in and maintain, heat pumps draw heat out of the surrounding air and utilize it to heat the water in the swimming pool, eliminating wasted energy. Consider a protected heat exchanger, which allows water passing through the unit to be heated and then returned to the pool. Other features to look for in a heat pump include:

• Digital LED control panels for temperature display in addition to diagnostic codes for quick detection of components that might need maintenance
• Technological innovation that helps the equipment run quietly and decreases compressor sound level
• A corrosion-resistant coated evaporator coil for increased longevity
• A small footprint with integrated tie-downs to stand up to bad weather conditions

Natural gas swimming pool heaters allow you and your loved ones to have a more comfortable pool minus the undeniably un-eco-friendly – and costly – fuel expenses that accompany inefficient, out-of-date heating system technology. Look for “greener” features like hydraulic performance, which conserves power by decreasing the circulation time of the pump, and low NOx emission. Natural gas pool heaters raise the temperature of pool water quickly, allowing for use of your swimming pool on short notice. Look for the following in an eco-friendly natural gas heater:

• Overall efficient performance along with efficiency-enhancing qualities like stainless steel burners and corrosion-resistant heat exchangers, in addition to insulated combustion chambers
• An LED control panel so you can monitor swimming pool heating easily, making adjustments with the touch of a button
• A forced-draft system which drives air through the combustion chamber consistently with a precise flow rate
• Heat exchangers designed to create virtually no condensation